Rock Crystals- Instant Skin Polisher| A Review

"Long prized by a variety of ancient civilizations, rock crystal is considered to be one of the top healing stones. Ancient Greeks believed that their gods drank their ambrosia on Mount Olympus using goblets made of rock crystal, and it later made its way into folklore and pop culture through crystals balls used for divination.... Continue Reading →


Skin Protection from the Sun

Hey my beauties, How are you all doin? Is it just me who thinks the sun to be scrooching too much lately and causing more damages to the skin. Or even you all are looking for an ultimate prevention from the harsh UV RAYS. Being a civil engineer, professionally, the construction sites during summers seem... Continue Reading →

The Sheet Masks – My new Favourite

Hello my beauties, I am super excited to share with you my latest skincare found. It's the Sheet Mask!! I've always been much of a taking beauty regimen at home kind of person, for this I keep looking for new products and this time i stumbled upon Sheet Masks and officially in love with it!! and wait there's... Continue Reading →

My pregnancy skin care tips

Hello my beauties, Well well those hormonal changes they can play a big time to your skin. Can either make you look ravishing or simply the opposite. Every woman has different hormonal cycle so is their pregnancy. Some may glow as a bulb inside them and some may look completely drained out. Even then each... Continue Reading →

My Everyday Skin Care Routine | Secrets

Hello my beauties, Today I'm going to tell you all my current skincare routine, which I designed after several trials and experiments, and I am completely in love with it !!! I never sticked to any skincare routine as long as my current skincare routine, earlier my skin was super dry especially in the T-zone, oily in upper part... Continue Reading →

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