Maternity Photoshoot- Celebrating our baby

Hey beauties !!

It’s been seventeen months when we had this maternity photoshoot. It was always on my mind to share it with you from the very beginning and was pending in my blog draft for a really long time and finally here it is.

We really wanted to celebrate the arrival of our newborn and thought maternity photoshoot could be a beautiful way to capture the essence of the moment when your baby is enclosed in the protective layers of belly and you can just feel it all the time with you/ within you. After  going through various searches on the internet we came across Peachlovephtography run by the Photographer duo – Varinder Sekhon and Parul Sekhon. As we saw their pics we knew that they actually define our taste and contacted them. We found them so easy to work with, friendly and guided us well with few poses. Being a mom of a young boy now two, Parul knew what a maternity period means to a woman and how important it meant for us. For the session we chose a less crowded park in Chandigarh, the weather was beautiful with sunset and it’s warm golden light did the whole magic to the photography.  I’m so glad we did, as one day we’ll get to share it with our little angel and we’re really grateful to them for capturing the shoot so well.

PeachLove (26)

PeachLove (16)

PeachLove (18)

PeachLove (9)

PeachLove (14)

PeachLove (24)

PeachLove (28)


PeachLove (25)

It was so difficult to select pictures for the blog as all were so beautiful and as we are new blessed with a beautiful girl. This life has got whole new meaning, love has got new depth and even a glimpse of her make our day.

What we wore:-

I wore a customised long flowy white gown altered to my shape with Steve Madden Treasure heels in silver. I kept my look minimal and more natural with slight wavy hair topped with lipstick safe in pregnancy.

My husband kept the look semi formal and wore purple sweater and snuggly fitted formal black pants from Marks & Spencer with a mauve shirt from Louis Philippe.


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