The Postpartum Must Haves – My List

Hello beauties,
How are you all? Sorry for being so inconsistent in writing, you know work and baby are keeping me super occupied. But after getting so many requests I thought I could really help you with this list as you all are so special to me. If you are reading this blog I’m sure either you are expecting, planning for it or reading it for someone you can help with.

It’s funny how in pregnancy the most you think about is baby, whatever you eat- how will it affect baby, how you work out- is it good for the pregnancy and baby, what you think- is that going to affect baby, and everything from labor, delivery, and taking care of the newborn, not giving much of a thought of how you will take care of yourself during the whole healing process after birth. I know mommy’s nature and practically I never thought I would be needed to be cared. Though to all my pregnant friends I always tend to advise them to sleep a lot as they will miss sleep the most after baby. 065.JPGYes, I still do miss sleep.

Sharing a little about my experience, it had been 18hours and I was still in labor, and the labor did not progress. Though I wanted a normal delivery but the things were not progressing and finally for both our wellbeing doctor decided for a C-Section. All that mattered to me that moment was having a healthy baby and getting rid of that bone crunching labor pain. Finally, I heard the most beautiful cry and the moment I saw my baby was magical, with her big beautiful eyes she was looking at me as if she knew I was her mom and all I could manage to say was “Hi, baby” and kiss her forehead. Even today when she is a year old whenever I look at her I feel the same elation.

Well coming back to our topic, thankfully, I had done some research beforehand and got all the essentials ready with me for the whole healing process after delivery and bumped into many more essential and helpful stuff later on. Here I’ve made a list of all those essentials which helped me throughout the recovery and I’m sure would be helpful to all breastfeeding and normal delivery moms too. Most importantly, you must never be discouraged, it’s difficult but it’s more beautiful and worth every effort as well. Must take lots of care of yourself and understand that your body went through a lot and it needs time to heal. “Learn to be at peace”.

Yoga Pants
These were so relaxing and comfortable and most helpful in the initial days after birth. All you want after the whole process is having some comfortable clothes. Get them in dark color as it might get stained.

Cozy clothes –
You would love to wear everything cozy around this time. Invest in some nice PJs and robes. You might be followed by lots of visitors around this time and you would not be able to dress up each time you have one and nice PJs and robes would make you look presentable.

Nursing Tops 
I wore them literally all the time. It made nursing in the hospital and at home extremely easy. They come is several patterns and colors, you can even wear them on an outing.

Nursing Bra
Yes you really do need them, it changes the whole way of nursing. They come in sleep and supportive style.

Warm Socks
Keep those feet warm and cozy. You’re body is recovering and it needs care.

Postpartum must haves

Belly Band


This was my holy grail! What would I have done without it?! I opted for Bellefit Corset and I loved everything it did to me. Keeping my tummy secured and helped me in movement after C-Section, kept the tummy tucked in and made it look good and tight over the tops and finally helped in bringing my tummy back to its shape..Yayyy!!

Disposable Undies
You really don’t have strength and you don’t want someone to wash them for you. These are great for those initial days in the hospital or first few weeks and makes life easy for you.

Pads of All Sizes
The first few days after the delivery the flow (lochia) will be very heavy, and then it will gradually decrease over next two to four weeks. You will need to stock up with all the maternity pads, maxi pads or regular pads, depending on the flow. Some mothers swear by using adult diaper in the very first days.

Intimate Wipes
Very helpful for cleaning up and be sure to get ones for sensitive skin.

Nipple Cream
Essential for nursing and helping to soothe cracks and soreness and for me coconut oil was magic.  You won’t believe just how many things you can use it for! But if your nipples are hurting, go for an organic version of nipple butter/cream.

Breast Pads
You will leak when your milk comes in! Stock up on disposable and/or reusable pads.

Moisturise –
Usually after birth the skin gets very dry and you need to moisturise skin extra, go for more organic lotions and lip moisturizers like coconut oil, Shea butter etc.. In my case we had a midwife/ masseuse/ daai who used to come every day to give me and the baby full body massage and head massage with herbal oils and she literally kept me drenched in it for 6 weeks. I think that could be the reason I didn’t have any major hair loss postpartum.

Insulated Giant Water Bottle –
Stay hydrated!! Keep warm water in by your side and keep drinking from time to time.

Be Open
Say ‘YES’ to your family and friends who 
give you hand in taking care of baby or help you out with the household chores , bring food for you and even help in giving baby a burp. Never forget to thank everyone who helped you in that phase of your life.

Wish you all a happy, healthy and beautiful recovery.

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Wish you beautiful day, stay happy & stay beautiful..

Love you all.. ❤


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    1. I hope this blog will help you out. Prepare for everything you might need postpartum before hand because after that you are so occupied in taking care of the baby and yourself, it’s nearly impossible to visit any store for shopping. wish you a healthy baby and speedy recovery

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