What I’m getting this Spring!! Big announcement

Hello my beauties!!
I know some of you already know what I’m about to get this spring.. After striving hard to keep it a secret for so many months, the beans still spilled around. Yes! We are pregnant and having a baby this spring. I know it’s a surprise for many of you. But ya here it is.!! Time to have team pink or team blue. 🙂


So our story begins this way-

We were just coming close to the end of our anniversary celebrations after a romantic weekend (all planned by my husband), we were sitting by the window watching beautiful sunrise next morning I was suddenly smacked with all sorts of nausea. At first I thought it was the wine I had previous night but that was weird and ambivalent, furthermore, I had been getting plenty of pregnancy dreams for past couple weeks, so just to make it all clear later that night I took the home pregnancy kit, I was kind of confident it was in vain. But then the two pink lines appeared in the viewfinder (they indicate the test is positive). “Oh, No” I said, over and over. I was literally in shock. I ran to Sandeep and stood there shaking and kind of sobbing and showed the test to him with the instruction manual on the cover package. He was bewildered. We didn’t know what to say next. He just took me in his arms and held me for long. There we had it or should we not rely on the kit. We decided to not to conclude over anything till we meet the Gynaecologist and until he confirms the pregnancy.

Having a baby was something we had dreamed of, but it was something that was planned for a couple of years down the road. We had plans, trips, hikings and plenty of goals set up that didn’t have a baby written into them. We had a lot to grasp in. Certainly our reaction on the news wasn’t as exhilarated as it was supposed to be like we always watch in the movies, soaps etc.  Our fingers were crossed till we met the OB/Gyn.

So finally it was Gyn day. He did some clinical tests and asked us to get sonography first. After half an hour sonogram was in our hands. OMG that moment. We saw that teeny tiny round bean type thing inside the dark circle in the picture. We were all in tears with happiness. I was like “this is our baby”. I was able to see my baby. Holding first picture of our baby. Yes! we were having a baby. That small teeny tiny innocent thing, which was about to come to this world.  May be for the first time we realised what is it like falling in love at first sight. We were deeply in love with him/her. And our everything in the world revolved around the baby and every step, every decision started having baby in it.

Sandeep sikkim MTB 826

Sandeep was so overjoyed and wanted just to shout out to the world that we are about to be mommy and daddy.  I had to calm him down to zip up his mouth till we reach the right time as there were plenty of articles on the internet suggesting to break the news in your 12th week because anything can happen in the very initial stage and we were just at our 6th week. Thankfully I had a great mommy girlfriend with whom I could share all the changes that were happening to me it made me feel so comfortable. After 12th week we shared the news one by one to both our families and friends. We were so overwhelmed with the love and blessings they showered on us and definitely the never ending lists of tips suggestions, old housewives tales etc. etc.

It’s the craziest thing that ever happened to me and my body. All the hormone changes, heightened emotions mostly joyful. Everyone around me being so concerned, supportive and loving towards me. The love for the baby is growing at an exponential pace and the overwhelming excitement and anticipation. It’s really being an amazingly beautiful journey. An entirely different phase from the rest of my life has ever been and we are simply enjoying it.

Thankyou so much guys for all your support and love all the time. I can literally cry this moment.

Never ending preparations, plans, accepting the changes since the very beginning. So much stuff in the near future.  I’ve so many stories and stuff to share with you guys like the pregnancy must haves, beauty care, clothes and fashion, which I promise to share with you in my next blogs. As I’ve still got couple of weeks till the baby arrives.

PeachLove  (12)1

Love you all ❤

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