My latest Eyebrow Pencil Review – Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

Hello my beauties!!!
How are you all doing?? I can skip any product in my makeup routine but eyebrow and lipbalm are the crucial things that I can never skip. The edge that a perfect eyebrow can give to your face is inevitable. No matter how beautiful your eye makeup is but sparse eyebrows can make the look incomplete. It’s one of the most essential product in my kit, so I keep on checking for different eyebrow products that would not budge or smear and would be my next holy grail. And this time I got my hands on Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper and trust me it’s just been a week since I have been using it and already in love with it.image It comes in a sleek plastic packaging with color coded caps and is available in two different shades #Brown . It’s a two step product one side is pencil with retractable twist up mechanism while other has a sponge applicator which applies the brow powder.


I use the pencil to shape my brows first with bit of pressure or gentle multiple strokes to get the colour to dark brown which saves me from going overboard and it’s definitely perfect for the beginners.


The powder side has a screw on cap which twists the applicator and make the product come on top to use, and the sponge has a precise tip which makes it even more convenient to use  and brings the even finished look. 

Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper Swach #Brown

Things which I loved the most about the product is it’s decent staying power, easy application, travel friendly due to it’s compact design and perfect pigmentation for my dark brown hair. You can even use the combination of grey and brown shades to get extra dimension to the very dark eyebrows. Overall a win win product for me. 

And as far as cons are concerned I don’t expect anything else at this price. The only thing I wish is just if it had a spoolie or eyebrow comb on of it’s cap. If you have very dense or unmanageable eyebrows you can apply clear mascara on the top of it to keep them in place. ❤

You can get them online from at INR 245.

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Wish you beautiful day, stay happy & stay beautiful..

Love you all.. ❤ ❤


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