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Split ends?? Who is not familiar with them, almost each one of us trying to grow out hair has to deal with those pesky, devil-forked ends that cause the ends of your hair to look damaged, dry and also make any style appear unkempt. Even I dealt with them badly in my college days. Main reason was I had no idea that it was actually possible to prevent them and now for last three years even after chemical treatments, coloring and regular blow drying my hair have been SPLIT ENDS FREE !!!

Getting rid of split ends is not an overnight miracle or could be treated just by some hair product, but it’s still possible to get soft, smooth and healthy hair. Here are few very easy and to be taken SERIOUSLY methods to get split ends free hair, which I personally followed and got rid of those annoying fried, jagged hair and got rid of them.

1.  Nutrition
“You are what you eat. What goes inside you strongly reflects on your outside.”
The main reason for the split ends is the lack of these nutrients in your diet
ZINC : Deficiency of zinc can lead to an itchy scalp, hair loss (even eyelash loss!) and create  the conditions for splits to readily form. Include whole grains, nuts, eggs and yogurt in your diet instead of pills to fight the deficiency.
OMEGA-3s : Omega-3s keep  strands elastic and shiny. Take fish oil supplements or get your Omega-3s from walnuts, salmon, flax, sardines and pumpkin seeds.
IRON : This mineral makes it possible for red blood cells to transport oxygen to your hair follicles. If you’re low in iron, you might notice your hair thinning, as well as splitting.  Red meat, eggs and seafood are good sources of iron for meat eaters; if you’re vegan or vegetarian, go for lentils, bran, spinach, tomatoes or raisins- and make sure you pair your iron-rich foods with vitamin C for optimal absorption.
VITAMIN E : This fat-soluble vitamin seals in the scalp’s natural oils and supports the lipid membranes, which keep your hair from drying and snapping. Sunflower seeds, almonds and avocados are all delicious sources of vitamin E! or you can even take supplements

2.  More Conditioning
Hair needs lots and lots of moisture even if your hair is oily it still needs moisture and proper hydration. To keep it hydrated it’s very important to deeply nourish your hair once in awhile to lock in the moisture and banish any split end. I have covered home repair masks in my blog 4 Super Easy Hair Repair Masks for Super Damaged Hair . These DIY hairmasks are very simple and gives amazing results and no chemicals included. 

3.  Shampooing, conditioning and combing CorrectlyYes, there is a way to shampoo, condition, dry and comb correctly. Wrong way of shampooing can simply rip off all the natural moisture from your hair and damage them, letting them more prone to split ends. You can check out my blog on My Hair Care Routine \ Hair wash Technique which absolutely rescued my hair from getting ruined in the wash.

4.  Heat
If you constantly use a hair 1657052c11c05c4straightener, blow dryer, or curling iron you are causing a serious damage which results in dry hair and, of course, split ends. So lovelies, restrict the amount of heat you use on your hair as much as possible and use a good heat protectant before using any of the heat styling tools or just air dry them. 

5.  Cutting and Trimming
Hair really do need routine hair maintenance, if they aren’t trimmed once in couple of months, the hair continue to break higher along the shaft, causing hair to look straw like, damaged, dried and burnt. Only the maintenance such as small trims every 6-8 weeks will keep your hair healthy, strong, and split-ends free. 

6.  Sleeping on silk pillowcaseSilk may be a small luxury but has amazing benefits. The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage like split ends and breakage. Silk retains the moisture close to your skin and hair and helps them stay more hydrated, maintaining its natural moisture that can even prevent you from wrinkles. Well nothing like silk.

I am sure these simple seriously to be taken steps would help you to get rid of those split ends. Wish you happy and healthy hair.

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