The Makeup Brush Guide

Hello my beauties,
As I had promised you all in my previous blog on My Favorite Makeup Wearables, today I’m going to talk all about the make-up brushes, I’m going to cover everything related to brushes in this blog, as there’s so much to talk about the makeup brushes. I strongly believe that there is no point in having great make-up products until you don’t have right tools to apply. Well, I would try my best to explain to you what each makeup brushes are actually for and the must have make-up tools in your collection. Makeup tools are essential when you are perfecting your look. You can never go wrong with your makeup when you have got the right tool and technique. I can literally go on and on talking about the make-up brushes. A right brush can literally change everything. 

Basically there are several assorted brushes for your face, eyes, lips, eyelashes and even eyebrows. They are either synthetic brushes or natural brushes, both the brushes are useful for different functions when it comes to applying make-up and both are essential to your personal or professional makeup kit. Synthetic hair brush is great for cream and liquid products – including foundation, cream blush, gel liner and concealer. It is generally used because it does not absorb much of the product and apply a smooth finish onto the skin without much streaking. Natural hair brushes are the best for powder products – powder blush, face powder, bronzer and eye-shadow included. When the hairs are applied with pressure, they have more texture than synthetic bristles and therefore pick up powder well and blending is made easier and more natural on the skin. You can’t blend that well with synthetic bristles because the bristles don’t move as freely as natural hair bristles do.

Each picture of the brushes in this blog are linked to the video tutorials.. ❤
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Face Brushes

Blending Sponge
beauty-blender-singleAlthough this isn’t a brush, a blending sponge is a great tool to use with liquid foundations, powder foundation and even concealer, not too pricey, easy to use and definitely a must have in every makeup collection. It evenly blends makeup to give your face a flawless, smooth, enhanced finish, leaving you looking gorgeous.

Flat Brush:

The flat top Kabuki brushes are designed for the application of liquid, powder or cream cosmetics, to the flat areas of the face such as the cheeks and forehead.  It has soft, dense bristles and just applies foundation like a dream.

Stippling Brush:

duo-fiber.jpgThis brush is a blend of synthetic fibers and goat hair. It is used for light powder, liquid or cream products. It can give you an airbrushed look when used with powder.

Concealer Brush:

download.jpgA concealer brush is used to apply correcting formulas to get that flawless look used to conceals dark circles, redness, and all other imperfections on your face. The short, synthetic bristles allow you to buff and blend from light to heavy, and achieve perfect, even coverage across your face.

Contour Brush:


An angled brush is generally ideal for sculpting and contouring the cheekbones, this brush is an essential for highlighting too, generally made of natural hair for controlled product application.

Blush Brush:

0607845018568A perfect blush brush applies, blends, and contours the blush to give it a more natural flush of color to the cheeks. The soft, rounded and flexible bristles allows you to control the amount of color you apply.

Powder Brush:

RTE-01401-9.jpgThis is the most common of all brushes and should be in every makeup collection. It should be used to apply any type of powder foundation product. An extra large paddle-shaped brush featuring a fluffed, rounded tip, soft natural fibre, this brush is specially designed to provide flawless application of powder to face or body.

Kabuki Brush:


A kabuki brush is used to apply mineral foundation powder, blush, setting powder by using a circular motion to buff powder into your skin. Because of its design, the brush blends powdered make up evenly on the skin and creates a very natural looking coverage, taking your makeup to next level.

Eye Brushes

Eyeshadow Brush:

It’s a stiff flat brush to apply eyeshadow to your entire lid. This brush is best for picking up lots of pigment and distributing it over your entire eyelid.

Crease Brush:

It’s a soft or stiff dome brush is used for applying eyeshadow to your crease and blending it outwards. These are a must-have for getting a smooth, even gradation of color from your lash line up to your browbone.

Blending Brush:

This brush is perfect for applying and blending in powder and cream eye shadows along the crease of your lids and helps to achieve the soft, gradient effect in shadows. It can also be used for blending under-eye concealer as well.

Detail Brush:

This brush can be used to define your eyes. It can be used with gel eyeliners or even along your crease to get a more precise line.

Brow Brush:

This is important when you are filling in your eyebrows. It is angled so that you can get even the thinnest areas of your brows.

Lip Brush:

These brushes are synthetic, typically tiny and allow lipstick or gloss to be applied more precisely to the lips.

Mascara Wand:

mascara-application-guide-1.jpgLast but not the least Mascara wand, to be true all the mascaras are similar except a little waterproofing here, a little fortifying protein there, and different pigmentation, there’s really not much difference between them. If you thought all the mascara wands were the same, think again, because each type of mascara wand serves a different and specific purpose, and choosing the right one is important. There are different mascara wands for short lashes, lengthening and definition, thickening sparse lashes, precise application, natural look, curling and the bottom lashes. So it’s always better to recycle the mascara wand instead of throwing out.

I Hope this whole talk might help you to pick or invest in some essential make-up brushes till then keep experimenting with the makeup and the looks, like it down below and share it among your friends   !!

Thank you so much for reading it !! Love you all.. Mwaah

The best makeup a girl can always wear is a Smile.. no makeup can ever beat it!! ❤


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